18 março, 2008

Novos aviões para a SATA,

A transportadora aérea SATA Air Açores vai comprar seis aviões Dash, construídos pela Bombardier, um investimento de cerca de 70 milhões de euros para renovar a frota que voa no arquipélago. Dos seis Aviões, dois são o modelo Q200, um avião mais pequeno com capacidade para 37 pessoas, os restantes quatro serão aviões maiores com capacidade para 200 pessoas, o modelo Q400.

Modelo Q200

Modelo Q400

The new Q400 NextGen turboprop airliner is the next step in the continuing evolution of the Q400 aircraft. As with the CRJ NextGen aircraft family, the overall cabin environment of the Q400 NextGen aircraft will be brightened with the introduction of LED lighting while highlighting the improved aesthetics with new ceiling panels and dished window sidewalls. The already spacious interior of the Q400 NextGen aircraft will be further enhanced with the introduction of larger overhead bins that will accommodate standard roller bags. Combining these features with the Active Noise and Vibration Suppression (ANVS) system will give the Q400 NextGen aircraft passenger an even more pleasant cabin experience.
Operating costs of the Q400 NextGen airliner, already among the lowest of any regional aircraft, will be made even lower by increasing the scheduled maintenance intervals and further optimizing maintenance tasks to reduce downtime during the aircraft?s life cycle. The Q400 NextGen airliner Aircraft Operating Manual (AOM) will be updated to reflect flight test experience which has shown that the fuel burn under certain operating conditions is lower than predicted.
The Q400 aircraft is already the most technologically advanced turboprop airliner and the NextGen features will make it even more so. The Q400 NextGen aircraft is the turboprop airliner for the twenty-first century.

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